SteamVR recreates your PC desktop in virtual reality

Who needs to see things in the real world, anyway?

Steam already offered (compatible) VR headset owners the ability to drag their (ugh!) two-dimensional games, kicking and screaming, into virtual reality with courtesy of its Desktop Theater mode. Now it's bringing everything your PC shows into your VR headset. The Steam Desktop overlay pulls your PC desktop into its VR Dashboard, meaning early-adopting users can change settings (or read email?) without even taking their headset off.

You won't need to reach for your mouse or trackpad either: the Vive controllers are integrated into the feature. You just need to press the Vive's "system" button to visit your desktop. The new update also adds a workshop to let early adopter share their SteamVR backgrounds with others. Creations will then be listed, rateable and downloadable for other users -- so make them pretty, folks.