HTC Vive pre-orders open February 29th

Fittingly enough, HTC's room-oriented VR will be available on a leap day.

If you've been jonesing to try HTC's room-focused take on virtual reality, the Vive, you won't have to wait long to plunk down some cash. Following a tease late last year, HTC has confirmed that pre-orders for its VR headset will begin on February 29th. There's still no mention of the price you'll pay when the device ships in April, although the recent Oculus Rift sticker shock is a reminder that the Vive probably won't come cheap. And we'd add that the biggest obstacle isn't necessarily the cost. For this to work, you'll need both a sufficiently beefy PC and a room large enough to wander through virtual worlds. If you have the funds and free space, though, you now have a firm date to put on your calendar.