Apple Music gets an Android widget

That's something iOS users don't have.

Apple Music on Android is pretty much identical to its iOS counterpart, but its latest update adds a unique feature for the platform: a widget. You can now add an Apple Music widget on your home screens if you want quick access to the service. Like any other standard music widget, it gives you a way to pause, play and skip tracks without having to launch the app itself. There's a heart that you can tap to let it know that you like what's playing, but if you need to access other features, you'll just have to go into the app.

Besides launching the Android widget, Apple Music's latest update also brings the ability to add songs to custom playlists without adding it to the library. You can now redeem iTunes gift cards to renew subscriptions and see what's playing on Beats 1 from the Radio tab, as well. The update's already live on Google Play, so you may want to clear up some space on your home screen if you pony up $10 a month for what Music offers.