Oculus takes you into the colorful alien world of 'Farlands'

The VR experience was built with Unreal Engine 4.

High-end virtual reality is here, by way of the long-awaited consumer Oculus Rift. But to get the most out of that headset, you're going to need entertaining VR experiences. Thankfully, Oculus has you covered. Along with the launch-day game lineup it revealed a couple weeks ago, at GDC 2016, the company's now unexpectedly introduced Farlands. This virtual reality adventure, built with Unreal Engine 4 and designed specifically for the Rift, lets you visit and explore a planet filled with exotic life.

Once there, players are dared to explore the alien world's landscapes, as well as discover new forms of life, including bugs, fish and plants, which you can then develop relationships with. According to Oculus, every day you play will bring a fresh opportunity to find strange creatures and, along the way, wander around previously unknown habitats. If you have your Rift already, you can download Farlands for free starting today.