'Black Mirror' season three won't be shown on Channel 4

You'll definitely need a Netflix subscription.

Last September, Netflix commissioned a new season of Black Mirror from Charlie Brooker and the House of Tomorrow team. It was pitched as a "Netflix original," although the company stressed it would premiere internationally "in all Netflix territories outside the UK and Ireland." Here, it said, plans were "still being determined." As The Guardian notes, that's because Channel 4 -- which funded and aired the first two seasons -- was still in the running for first broadcast rights on its home turf. Not anymore.

The negotiations have now wrapped up, with Netflix proving the victor. It means the next season of Black Mirror will now premiere globally on Netflix, including the UK. Channel 4, meanwhile, won't be showing the programme at all. "Black Mirror couldn't be a more Channel 4 show," Jay Hunt, Channel 4's Chief Creative Officer said. "We grew it from a dangerous idea to a brand that resonated globally. Of course, it's disappointing that the first broadcast window in the UK is then sold to the highest bidder, ignoring the risk a publically owned channel like Four took backing it."

Netflix, on the other hand, is understandably thrilled with the outcome. Ted Sarandos, Chief Content Officer for Netflix, said:

"Netflix has been the proud home of Black Mirror in most of the world and are thrilled to support Charlie and Annabel's amazing vision for the new season that will premiere only on Netflix globally, including the UK."

Black Mirror season three is effectively a Netflix exclusive, so you'll need a subscription to watch each new episode later this year. An exact release date hasn't been given, although the company has teased it'll be coming out "soon." As with earlier seasons, we suspect it'll deliver some pretty dark and unnervingly believable visions of our society in the near future.