'Disney Infinity' drops support for its Apple TV version

The development team is "currently focusing on the traditional gaming platforms."

Apologies if you bought Disney Infinity 3.0 for your Apple TV, but the game's development team has stopped supporting the platform. On the Disney Infinity forums a user posted about an issue where Baloo and Marvel Battlegrounds figurines weren't working in the game, but Zootopia figures were. Turns out that the reason for that is because there was already support in the game for the latter, but that an update was needed for the other characters. Except that update isn't coming any time soon.

One of the forum mods posted that the development team is "currently focusing on the traditional gaming platforms. We are always evaluating and making changes, but there are currently no plans for further updates to the Apple TV version of the game." It turns out that the Battlegrounds playset wouldn't be a good fit because it focused on three-and-four player games, something the Apple TV version doesn't support.

It's a crappy situation, to be sure. The forum thread is justifiably rife with complaints and, unlike other app-based games, this stings a little harder for those who invested simply because they were promised a console-like experience with the game. That and the Infinity figures and starter kit cost way more than the typical app: $14 per (or $20 for a playset) and $100, respectively. You can still buy the latter directly from Apple.

The Infinity team did something extremely similar with the game's PC version recently, too. When we last wrote about Infinity at length, we said that it finally felt like a full-fledged game. Unless you're playing on a console, that sadly isn't the case.