Eerie adventure 'Everybody's Gone to the Rapture' heads to PC

It's no longer a PS4 exclusive.

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Eerie adventure 'Everybody's Gone to the Rapture' heads to PC

Everybody's Gone to the Rapture was one of my favorite games that came out in 2015. Yes, it's one of those divisive "walking simulators," but the intriguing narrative and stunning depiction of rural England had me hooked. Today, developer The Chinese Room has confirmed what's been rumored for almost three months now -- that the game is coming to PC. There's no release date just yet, but when it does arrive it's safe to assume it'll be available on Steam. If you've opted for a PC gaming rig over a PlayStation 4, this is your chance to see what the fuss is all about.

Update: The Chinese Room has announced that the game will be coming to Steam on April 14th. It'll be available for $19.99/£15.99.

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