Kanye West's new album arrives on Spotify and Apple Music

You can also buy it digitally.

AP Photo/Bruce Barton

You can finally listen to Kanye West's new album, The Life of Pablo, on a streaming service that isn't Tidal, including Spotify, Apple Music and Google Play Music. The much-anticipated record has been a Tidal exclusive since February, although since then the rapper has been quietly tweaking and refining many of the headline tracks. It's rare for an artist, especially one as big as Kanye, to fine-tune an album in such a public manner. Notably, The Life of Pablo is also available to purchase now -- something the broke superstar had previously promised would never happen.

To buy a copy, you'll need to go through Kanye's website. Notably, there's been no indication that the album will be sold through iTunes, Google Play Music and other digital stores at a later date. So if you manage a personal library through either iTunes or Play Music, your best bet is to buy the tracks and import them manually. It's also unclear if The Life of Pablo will ever get a physical release -- we wouldn't count on it, although as with anything related to Kanye, it's never outside the realm of possibility.