FCC labels ensure you get your daily dose of internet

The new consumer labels look to provide clarity and ease billing concerns.

Pete Marovich/Bloomberg via Getty Images

The FCC passed its so-called Open Internet guidelines last year, and much of the talk focused on the practice of net neutrality. Those rules also reclassified broadband service as a utility and discussed steps for increased consumer protections, including consumer broadband labels to explain cost details and more. Revealed today by the FCC, the new labeling system offers information on pricing, data allowance and network performance so that customers can easily find the information they seek before signing up with a service provider.

What's more, there are versions for both mobile and fixed broadband service in an effort to not only provide clarity, but alleviate some of the sticker shock when a bill arrives. They should look really familiar too, since they look like a carbon copy of nutrition labels in the US. Under the FCC's open internet rules, service providers have to display all of the information in a way that's understandable easy to find. However, broadband companies aren't required to implement the new labeling system.