The line between sports and eSports continues to blur

Machinima is launching 'Inside eSports,' the digital equivalent to ESPN's 'SportsCenter.'

Luke Macgregor/Bloomberg via Getty Images

The division between the activities you do outside with balls and those indoors with mice is narrowing by the day. Not content with invading the realm of traditional broadcasting, eSports is now getting its very own daily recap show that'll mirror the format of ESPN's SportsCenter. Machinima is launching Inside eSports, which will air seven days a week and show off news and analysis from the world of electronic gaming. Unlike ESPN's offering, Inside eSports will be an online-only affair, which will broadcast on Go90, Verizon's nascent video network. It'll begin broadcasting in May, although you won't see many commercials and advertising for it until June -- presumably to give producers time to iron out any kinks.