Verizon' Go90 streaming video service starts with phones, sharing

After acquiring the remains of Intel's internet TV project last year, Verizon is finally ready to reveal its long-rumored internet video network. Called Go90, the New York Times confirmed it's launching this week, with an eye towards convincing younger folks to turn their phone sideways (Go90...get it? Don't worry, we didn't either) and watch video there, instead of in the 300-channel cable packages they don't want. While Comcast is bringing internet video to its cable boxes and Dish Network tries out Sling TV, Verizon's plan is "mobile-first" from the start. Instead of lining up channels, the "pared down" experience Bloomberg revealed last week includes some prime time TV shows, original internet shows and some live TV, including sports. Available for free, it will have ads, and encourage users to share clips on social media, sporting a "watch cut and share all of the awesome" slogan.

We've seen a similar effort from 120 Sports and while that doesn't appear to have quite caught on yet, maybe Go90's mix will be more appealing, with continually updated shows instead of a regular broadcast schedule. Verizon has content deals with the likes of Dreamworks' AwesomenessTV, Machinima and Vice, to go along with its existing NFL content to go along with "popular shows" from ESPN, Comedy Central and Food Network. An exec described its experience to the NYT as "Hulu meets Twitter meets Netflix," although it will have a lot to prove to match the cachet of any of those services. As far as how this ties into Verizon's other businesses, the idea is that it will push the company's mobile ads, and can also help promote its wireless services.

What's weighing on our minds are the memories of Verizon's previous mobile video efforts, do you remember Viewdini and V Cast / Verizon Video? Probably not, although the LTE connections and large phone screens available today mean this kind of service makes more sense than it did in the past. A page discovered by Variety suggested it should launch today, and you can sign up for a heads-up at right now.

[Image credit: Getty/Andrey Popov]