Verizon nabs DreamWorks originals for its upcoming streaming service

Verizon's internet TV service is coming later this year, and Big Red is locking down OTA content providers. The company ordered over 200 hours of original programming from AwesomenessTV and DreamWorksTV that will debut in 2015, with the former producing series aimed at teens and the latter developing live action and animated content featuring its popular characters. That list would certainly include personalities from Shrek and Madagascar, we'd surmise. If you're not familiar with AwesomenessTV, it has a sizeable following on YouTube, in addition to films and series on both Nickelodeon and Netflix. And DreamWorksTV is a YouTube channel for the studio's animated, live action and vlog-based short clips.

Of course, Verizon is looking to offer custom options for its streaming service, so this pair should get cozy with the age-appropriate menu items. There's still no word on an official launch date, so we'll have to stick with the "probably late in the first half of 2015" timeline that CEO Lowell McAdam spilled back in September. Sony will beat Verizon to living rooms, though, as it'll go live (in a handful of cities) with the PlayStation Vue offering in a matter of days. Of course, Sling TV started equipping cord cutters with an alternate option last month.

[Image credit: DreamWorks]