The last two 'Star Trek' films are coming home in 4K June 14th

'Star Trek' (2009) and 'Star Trek: Into Darkness' are being remastered in Ultra HD.

While you and BB-8 cuddle with a 1080p Star Wars: The Force Awakens Blu-ray, Paramount is readying its first Ultra HD Blu-ray releases with Star Trek and Star Trek: Into Darkness. We're not sure that the extra resolution, HDR or Atmos will actually make either film better than you already thought, but they will certainly be better looking and sounding than ever. According to the press release, both have been digitally remastered with new 4K UHD transfers, unlike mastered-in-2K movies like Mad Max: Fury Road. If you're curious, a list of mastered in 4K (or higher) Ultra HD Blu-ray discs is being maintained here.

Each movie comes on a three disc package, with the UHD Blu-ray, standard Blu-ray, and another Blu-ray for additional extras (that were included on the original disc releases). Both movies make their debut on June 14th. The only bad news is their $48 MSRP, although most UHD releases so far have sold for about $30 at retail.

Paramount Home Media Distribution Announces First 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray™ Releases


Digitally Remastered and Featuring Groundbreaking High Dynamic Range Technology,
Films Will Debut in UHD/Blu-ray/Digital HD Combo Packs June 14, 2016

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. – Paramount Home Media Distribution announced today that director J.J. Abrams' global blockbusters STAR TREK and STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS will be the studio's first two titles released on the new 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray format. The releases coincide with the 50th anniversary of the Star Trek franchise in 2016. 4K UHD represents the next evolution in home entertainment, offering four times the resolution and more than double the number of colors available with full HD. In addition, these spectacular 4K UHD releases deliver exceptional vibrancy and contrast through High Dynamic Range technology, which reveals hidden details and shades of color that more closely mimic real life.
Both STAR TREK and STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS have been digitally remastered with new 4K UHD transfers for exceptionally brilliant picture quality and feature Dolby Atmos® soundtracks* remixed specifically for the home theater environment. Dolby Atmos delivers captivating sound that places and moves audio anywhere in the room, including overhead, to bring entertainment alive all around the audience.

Each film will be presented in a three-disc UHD/Blu-ray/Digital HD Combo Pack. STAR TREK features a bonus Blu-ray Disc™ loaded with over three hours of behind-the-scenes content. The STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS UHD and Blu-ray Discs include the spectacular IMAX® version of the film and the package also includes a bonus Blu-ray Disc with more than two hours of special features.