Google puts money into cementing green energy standards in Asia

The company is giving seed funding to a non-profit that works to certify renewable energy.

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Google puts money into cementing green energy standards in Asia
Plenty of big tech companies are looking to source green energy whenever they can for their substantial energy needs, and Google is the same. But it looks like it's hard to find the renewable energy you're looking for in Asia -- specifically China, which is why the company says it's offering seed funding to the Center for Resource Solutions. The non-profit is going to bring its experience in setting up and running renewable energy certification programs to Asia, starting in Taiwan. That's good, because that's right where Google needs green power for its data center.While its parent company tries all kinds of things to chase renewable energy, its Google itself that is coaxing certification and standardization along here. However, it's not stating outright how much cash it's putting down: "The system for getting proper credentials for renewable energy sources is virtually nonexistent on the continent."
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