Ubisoft breaks out the banhammer for 'The Division' cheaters

First offenders get a three day time-out, repeats will be permabanned.

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Ubisoft knows that cheating is running rampant in Tom Clancy's The Division and it's out to change that. Between hacks where enemy bullets can travel through walls to homing bullets, trying to enjoy the game the way its meant to be played is a bit fraught at the moment. But come the game's April 12th update, PC players, at least, will have platform-specific tools at their disposal to report the jerks according to a Ubisoft Twitch stream.

Typing "/report [username]" while playing will flag the possible offender's account for Ubisoft to look at, and if the gaming company determines nefariousness is at play they'll get a three day suspension. Repeat offenders? That's grounds for a permaban. It's a reasonable expectation that if this doesn't curb the cheaters, the three-day time-out will give way to nothing but permabans a la what Ubisoft did with Rainbow Six: Siege hackers in January.

There are some pretty welcome glitch fixes en route as well. Those address issues where missions wouldn't start, wouldn't complete, non-player characters are able to shoot through walls and glitches where folks could get stuck in place on a piece of architecture in the environment, among other bugs.

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