Mini review video: Our verdict on the iPhone SE in about a minute

A good deal, but can you handle going back to a 4-inch screen?

No, it's not the most exciting iPhone release, but the new SE still has a clear purpose: At $399, it's Apple's most affordable handset yet. Meanwhile, its 4-inch screen is likely to appeal to nostalgics who miss smaller iPhones. Indeed, the SE is nigh-indistinguishable from the three-year-old 5s, save for a Rose Gold color option and some minor differences in the finish. At the same time, though it looks like a phone from 2013, its internals are mostly on par with the 6s, which only came out last fall. The only things you'll be giving up are the 6s' superior front-facing camera and faster Touch ID sensor. Then again, you do get longer battery life in exchange, so there's that to consider. All told, then, the SE is a great deal for the money, and deserves its strong score of 89.