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Mevo is the first camera with live Facebook video

Livestream's cam makes it look like you have a multi-camera setup.

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Mevo is the first camera with live Facebook video

Facebook is making it easier to stream live video from any device, but what about getting one of those devices? Don't worry, as Livestream is stepping up to the plate. It just revealed that Mevo (formerly Movi) is the first camera with integrated Facebook Live streaming. The move not only simplifies the process of hopping online, but gives you a wide audience right from the get-go -- anyone who follows you on Facebook. Of course, you can still share directly through Livestream (other services are in the pipeline) if you're not tied to one social network.

Aside from that, the Mevo's selling point is its smart, on-the-fly editing. The 4K cam automatically detects objects (such as faces) and lets you switch between virtual camera angles either on its own or manually, through the mobile app. If everything goes smoothly, it'll look like you have an elaborate multi-camera setup even when you're the only person in the room. The big catch is simply the battery life: you're limited to an hour of recording unless you get an add-on that brings another 10 hours.

Livestream's camera ships in July for a hefty $399, although you can save $100 if you pre-order it now. That's expensive if you're just looking to document your personal adventures (you're probably better off using only your phone). Mevo is more for video bloggers, businesses and anyone else that wants to produce professional-looking live video without a studio's worth of equipment.

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