Motorola hired a graffiti legend to tag the Moto X Pure (update)

But there's no word on when you can buy one of Futura's customized handsets.


Legendary graffiti artist Futura has teamed up with everyone from The Clash, Nike, streetwear clothing company Supreme and even the 2000s trip-hop group UNKLE -- now he can add one more name to that list: Motorola. In the video below you'll hear Leonard McGurr wax poetic about his decade-spanning career, and talk about how street art speaks to an innate desire for people to stick out from the crowd "It's getting harder and harder to maintain your individualism," he says. This is a pretty logical extension of Motorola's focus on customization with things like the Moto Maker, and it looks really cool.

The video shows McGurr tagging some 30 Moto X Pure handsets with his signature style, but precisely how many of these Moto will release isn't clear at the moment. Same goes for how much they'll cost or when they'll be available. We've reached out to Motorola for more information and will update this post if there's a response.

Update: The Moto X Pure phones painted by Futura are selling for about $350 each over the weekend, and now they're available via underground retailer Stefan's Head. To order one, text 646-759-0904.