Apple might finally be revamping the App Store

A report suggests that it will charge developers for paid search results, a la Google.

Finding anything on the App Store is kind of a nightmare, but Apple apparently has a way to fix that. And the Cupertino company is considering taking a page from Google to do it: paid search results, according to a report from Bloomberg. Meaning, say, Adobe could buy keywords that'd ensure Lightroom would appear when you're looking for say "photo editing." If that means actually finding the app you're after on the first try instead of it being buried under a sea of clones and junkware promising more followers on the likes of Instagram or Twitter -- if it shows up at all -- then, awesome.

Bloomberg says that the team working on this is about 100 deep and lead by the company's vice president, Todd Teresi, though whenever we'll see these changes isn't exactly clear. But, this seems like a plan that goes slightly against Apple's "people are not our product" statements, so maybe take this rumor with a grain of salt.