Nissan's 'mind-reading' Leaf projects driver reactions on the road

A special-edition Leaf scans brainwaves to display messages outside the vehicle.
Billy Steele
B. Steele|04.14.16

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Nissan is no stranger to weird concepts for automobiles. Remember the automaker's Teatro for Dayz selfie wagon? To celebrate the 5th anniversary of its all-electric Leaf, Nissan developed a version of the car that can read a passenger's mind... sort of. After scanning brain waves of first-time test-drivers in the EV with a headset, the special-edition Leaf projected one of over 30 comic-esque messages on the road outside in real time. In other words, folks outside of the vehicle could "see" a general translation of what the driver was thinking. Luckily this is just a concept, so the thoughts that pass through your mind in fits of road rage will remain safe from public view -- for the near future, at least.
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