Being a Nomad Entrepreneur Is Not Easy - Here are Your Tools

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It's the life that others have only dreamed about in the past – traveling and earning money at the same time. But it is fully doable today, thanks to our digital world. If you have decided that life as a nomad is in your DNA, then you have an exciting and fulfilling existence ahead. Just don't forget about the earning money part.

You are, after all, running a business and trying to keep your travel needs and arrangements coordinated. You will be moving your business to the cloud and that means new ways of doing things. With the right tools, this can happen. Here are some tools you will definitely want to consider to stay connected with clients and teammates as well to make your travels frictionless.

1. Calendly

Here is a calendaring tool like no other, and you don't have to play the game of sending emails back and forth to schedule meetings and conferences. If you are absent from your email, a client or teammate can simply schedule a block of time with you, based on what your availability is, and the Calendly tool will automatically send an email to both of you. The block of time appears automatically on your calendar. Perfect.

2. Trello

We all have digital to-do lists, but Trello takes this to a better level. You organize your tasks by cards, not a long list. You can put those to-do's in categories (e.g., calls, emails, reports, etc.), and then each category can be prioritized. Each day, you can pull from each card to generate a master list for that day. Getting stuff onto daily cards stops the anxiety that long lists sometimes produce. Genius.

3. PollFish

You no longer have to wait until you get to your laptop, or worse, to your home base and PC, when you want to survey your customers or clients, or even better, perfect strangers. Provide PollFish with the demographic you want and it will find those targets and get the survey out. You'll have the results within hours. Now you can create a mobile survey in minutes and have the results back within hours.

4. GoToMyPC

If you have files on your PC desktop that you forgot to put in the cloud, not to worry. Now you have GoToMyPC - a tool to access anything on your PC from anywhere in the world. And it works with almost all operating systems. The connection is secure and you can try it out for free.

5. TripIt

Here's the only travel assistant you will need. All you do is enter your travel plans and TripIt app develops a master itinerary that you can share with friends, family, clients and teammates. Best of all? It's free.

6. Evernote

This tool needs no real explanation unless you are not yet using it. If not, get this Evernote app now. Make notes about anything from anywhere, begin writing that lengthy email or white paper. Save it all, go back whenever from wherever and pick up where you left off. Also, you can share your notes and progress with anyone, who can then comment or edit (with your permission). If you are collaborating with others, you have to have this.

7. ViaMichelin

There are a couple of tools you may want to look at as alternative to Google Maps. One of them is ViaMichelin, an app that lets you do more than just get map routes. You can get weather forecasts anywhere on the globe and even find pedestrian and bike routes. It's really a travel and GPS rolled into one app.

8. MetrO

Add MetrO app to your mobile device and you will have a guide to public transportation systems in over 400 cities across the globe. Super convenient!

There you have it. These tools will keep much of the frustration out of your nomadic lifestyle and keep you organized and on track to run your business without missing a beat.