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VLC media player is coming to Xbox One

The Universal Windows Platform means it will be on Windows 10 Mobile and desktop too.

The promise of Windows apps on Xbox One has been hanging out there for quite a while, but now that it's really happening we're seeing some results. One of the big names that will arrive on the console this summer is VLC, a popular desktop media player that already has versions for other connected TV platforms. Maintainer Thomas Nigro says that making it a UWP app means a beta version will hit Windows 10 Mobile next week before its official debut in May and an official version for Windows 10 desktop is due in mid-May.

The Xbox One version is coming this summer once the store opens up, but anyone using their console as a development box will be able to try it out starting next week. Even Windows 10 for IoT/Raspberry Pi and Hololens are on the roadmap. The only bad news? Windows 8/RT versions have one more update coming before support ends.