Comedy Central, BET, MTV, more Viacom networks will hit Sling TV

Dish and Viacom finally reached a deal and avoided a blackout.

Viacom networks Comedy Central, BET, MTV, Spike, Nick Jr. and others will land on Dish's streaming service, Sling TV, in the coming months. These channels will be available in single-stream and multi-stream packages, though there's no word on specific bundles just yet. It's all part of a deal Viacom and Dish hashed out last night, just before their previous contract expired, and it ensures Viacom's current lineup of 18 channels will remain on Dish satellite TV.

Sling TV is a $20 per month service that offers live and on-demand television. It comes in two forms: The single-stream option, which allows users to watch one stream on one device at a time, and the multi-stream option, which is in beta now and lets up to three people watch at once. The single- and multi-stream packages offer a few different channels -- the single option has ESPN and Disney, while the multi option has Fox and FX, for example.

Users can also add a selection of premium channels to either package, including an additional $15 a month for HBO and $10 for Cinemax. Plus, Dish is working on a set-top box that will grab free, over-the-air broadcasts of local channels.