Google's Mode Android Wear bands snap on for easy changes

Leather and silicone "snap-and-swap" bands make it easy to switch up your look.
Billy Steele
B. Steele|04.26.16

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Google's Mode Android Wear bands snap on for easy changes

If you want to change the band on your Android wear device, it takes a few minutes. Thanks to a new line of accessories Google, though, swapping out that wrist strap can be done in a matter of seconds. Google revealed its new Mode "snap-and-swap" bands today in 10 shades of leather and 6 different silicone hues. Each material is available in four widths, with the former starting at $60 while pricing on the latter starts at $50.

This first collection of bands from Hadley-Roma features a slider button on the inside that allows you to attach/detach a band quickly. Google says it wants to give the Android Wear faithful as many options as possible, so it's sharing the mechanism with other accessory makers. It's also making changing bands on those gadgets as easy as it is for owners of the Apple Watch. Of course, you'll need to make sure your wearable device has the pin needed to accommodate the Mode bands -- some Android-powered smartwatches do not. If you're looking to nab one of the new straps, you can do so now from the Google Play store, Amazon and Best Buy.

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