Argentinean football club to offer dermal implants to its fans

Scan your shoulder to get through the turnstiles faster.


Buenos Aires-based football team, Club Atletico Tigre, has taken an unusual step in managing access to its stadium. The club is considering offering its fans an implantable microchip that would grant them faster access through the gate turnstiles.

The team's director, Ezequiel Rosino, recently acted as a Guinea pig for the experimental program by having a chip injected under his club tattoo. He assured the Associated Press that the chips will not be able to track fans, but rather will only carry basic information about them. The program still has a long way to go before it actually debuts and will need to first be cleared by health and security agencies -- not to mention the Argentine Football Association itself.

This isn't the first time technology has been leveraged by the beautiful game. In the last year alone Adidas has rolled out self-lacing boots, The UEFA Champions League instituted new goal-line scoring system, Univision boosted its video quality to 4K and startup Virtual Live introduced its gameday VR experience.