ICYMI: Barely hoverbiking, new hair dryer tech and more

A couple weeks of effort have netted an actual working hoverbike.

ICYMI: Barely hoverbiking, new hair dryer tech and more

Today on In Case You Missed It: YouTuber Colin Furze teamed up with Ford to build a working hoverbike within just a few weeks, from his shed. It runs off of two diesel engines so granted, it's probably not the most mass-production friendly item, but does beg the question: What's holding everyone back, then?

Photographer Levon Biss worked with Oxford University to take incredibly detailed, microscopic photos of bugs, which were then blown up and printed into large posters. And Dyson has released its first personal care device and it is a re-imagined hair dryer, called the Supersonic, which is far less noisy and heavy compared to modern day dryers. They will cost $400.

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