SpaceX had a superhero costume designer make a spacesuit

Marvel and DC movie legend Jose Fernandez will get to show off his design in the next year.

SpaceX is fond of making technology that looks good, and apparently that extends as far as astronaut gear. Thanks to both a Tested video (at the 12:09 mark) and a recently highlighted Bleep interview, we now know that well-known costume designer Jose Fernandez has crafted a spacesuit for SpaceX. Yes, the same man who clothed superheroes in Batman vs. Superman and Captain America: Civil War is also contributing to the growth of modern spaceflight. You won't get to see the suit until sometime in the next year, but the Bleep chat reveals that SpaceX's Elon Musk wanted the design to be "stylish" and "heroic." This probably won't look much like NASA's utilitarian Z-2, then.

The big question is whether or not this is a big shift in direction, whether for SpaceX or the industry at large. The firm hasn't been shy about its plans to make a spacesuit, and it even teased one in a Crew Dragon conceptual video last year. However, there's no guarantee that Fernandez's suit will look anything like what you've seen so far. We've asked both Ironhead (Fernandez's company) and SpaceX if they can shed some light on the subject.

Whatever's happening, this won't be an easy task for Fernandez. Spacesuits have understandably stricter demands for comfort, durability and safety -- a ripped suit will do a lot more than ruin a day of filming. He'll have to prove that his Hollywood experience can translate to attire that's as much functional as it is camera-worthy.