Anne Frank's story to be told in VR

'Anne' will recreate the Holocaust symbol's brief life.

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Anne Frank's story to be told in VR

You can already tour Anne Frank's hideaway in virtual reality if you can't make it to Amsterdam, but producer Jonah Hirsch is taking that one step further. He's creating a VR experience, Anne, that will tell the Holocaust symbol's tale in 360 degrees. Details of how it will work aren't available, but you'll get to at least get to wander around the secret annex where Frank and others hid from the Nazis for two years. The project is still young (you're looking at a rough version above), so it may be a while before you're trying Anne for yourself.

It's not clear just how official this is. We've asked both the Anne Frank House and the production company backing Anne (CGO Studios) for more details. However, Hirsch has already developed a knack for attention to detail in VR: an earlier experience, First, portrayed the Wright brothers' first flight with uncanny accuracy. So long as his new effort is reasonably true to life, it could do a lot to convey Frank's story in a more immersive way.

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