Takata is reportedly recalling another 35 million airbag systems

This would more than double the scope of its recall plans.

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

If your car wasn't affected by Takata's massive airbag inflater recalls, it might be very shortly. Wall Street Journal tipsters hear that the Japanese firm is planning to recall "at least" 35 million more airbag inflaters, possibly as soon as this week. While the makes and models haven't been named, this would more than double the US recalls of 28.8 million airbag systems (over 40 million worldwide) from over a dozen car builders -- it may be hard to escape. The focus is on airbags that use ammonium nitrate to expel the airbag, but don't have a drying agent to prevent the moisture that triggers explosions.

Neither Takata nor the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration are confirming the leak at this point. If it's true, though, it'll undoubtedly be a massive (if entirely necessary) headache for Takata. The company has already been hurting financially due to its existing recalls, and it's not going to fare any better if tens of millions of additional cars have to be fixed. Not that drivers are going to complain -- the wider the recall, the less chances that your car's safety measures will hurt you.