Twitter for Mac lets you search for GIFs when a photo won't do

Who doesn't like more GIFs?

Twitter launched a handy GIF search tool inside its mobile apps back in February, and now the social network is bring the animated images to the desktop. With an update to the Mac software, users can expect to quickly find an appropriate GIF for the situation, so long as you're using the official Twitter application. The image search looks similar to the mobile version, where clicking the "GIF" button from the compose window brings up a smattering of categories. Of course, there's an old-fashioned search bar too, if you have something specific in mind.

In addition to GIFs, Twitter's Mac app also supports polls, so you can easily pose a question to the masses from the comforts of your desktop. The curated Moments feature made the leap from mobile as well, keeping you up to speed on what's trending and other newsy bits. If you're computer hasn't already alerted you to the update, or you're looking to give the app a try for the first time, you can nab the most recent version from the Mac App Store now.