Twitter for Mac is finally updated

Let the desktop group DMs begin.

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Roberto Baldwin
December 30, 2015 2:22 PM
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Twitter for Mac is finally updated
Ahead of its own deadline of the end of 2015, Twitter has updated its OS X app. The Mac version of the social network has languished for years while mobile apps and the site have received multiple updates. The new and improved version of the app brings features like inline GIF and video support, group DMs, a dark theme, tweet quotes and an updated design. What it's missing is the recently added poll feature.

While Twitter for Mac development has been in hibernation, third-party apps like Tweetbot and the company's own Tweetdeck have taken its place on my users' desktops. Unfortunately, third-parties don't have the full access to all of Twitter's features like group DMs and Tweetdeck can be a bit of a handful for someone that just wants to keep up with their timeline.

But there are features that some users have become accustomed to with those other apps that Twitter still doesn't have, like timeline syncing. Maybe that update will be out by 2018.

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