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Manus VR gloves add full-arm tracking to the HTC Vive

Finally, a place to put your Pip-Boy in virtual reality.

The Manus VR gloves were already impressive when we got our hands in them at the Game Developers Conference, but their latest feature promises an even more immersive experience. Using the HTC Vive and its motion controllers, the Manus system can track players' entire arms, bending elbows and all. The controllers strap onto players' wrists for full-arm positional tracking and the gloves allow them to articulate their fingers in the VR space.

Many VR experiences use the "floating hands" technique, which is effective but not exactly natural-looking (or -feeling). Arm tracking allows developers to take advantage of common movements and accessories, such as blocking a punch or wearing a Pip-Boy -- or an Apple Watch, if you're into more realistic experiences. The Manus team is still experimenting with full-arm tracking on the Vive, but it will be featured in the gloves' SDK that's due to launch in June.