EE's Power Bar chargers aren't coming back

The network is focusing on other 'exciting new loyalty offers.'

A little more than a year ago EE decided to give its customers free portable battery packs in the UK. The idea was solid enough -- everyone gets a "Power Bar" for free, and can swap them for a new, fully charged replacement in any EE store. Except, they were soon deemed a fire risk after one exploded while charging, leaving a medical student with a nasty burn. All of the Power Bars were eventually recalled and we were left wondering whether the scheme was gone for good. Turns out, it is.

An EE spokesperson told Mobile News:

"Our EE Power Bar promotion had a hugely positive response from our customers, however after careful consideration we've decided not to bring it back. We still sell a wide range of chargers and power packs to keep our customer connected. We'll share news shortly about ways to stay connected at Glastonbury and the summer festival season, as well as some exciting new loyalty offers throughout the summer."

So there you have it. If you haven't already, t's time to stock up on some personal battery chargers of your own.