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'Uncharted' swings onto smartphones as a free puzzle game

Completing certain levels will unlock outfits in Uncharted 4.

Ready for another adventure with Nathan Drake? While you wait for Uncharted 4: A Thief's End to hit store shelves, Sony hopes you'll check out its new mobile game featuring the plucky explorer. And no, it's not another endless runner. Instead, Sony has made a grid-based puzzled game called Uncharted: Fortune Hunter, which has you pulling levers and shooting barrels to find hidden treasure. It's available on Android and iOS, and the aim is to complete each puzzle in a limited number of moves, thereby gaining keys to open chests discovered by Victor "god damn" Sullivan.

The game has a colorful, cartoonish art style and some interesting puzzle mechanics. If nothing else, the high production values bode well for the ForwardWorks company that Sony set up specifically to develop mobile games. For Uncharted fans, Fortune Hunter is also an opportunity to unlock some multiplayer goodies in A Thief's End. As Kotaku reports, you can link your Sony Entertainment Network account and grab special outfits, weapon skins, relics and boosters for the new game. They're small, but useful bonuses if you want to look good or grab a slight edge online.