Recommended Reading: Captain America vs. Iron Man

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The latest installment in Marvel's Cinematic Universe, Captain America: Civil War, hits theaters in the US this weekend. Before you head out, read up on what the comics have to say about the inevitable conflict between Captain America and Iron Man. Sure, there will be some spoilers, but if you ask me, it's worth it to know how the narrative plays out in the books. In addition to the AV Club piece, NPR examined the similarities between the new Marvel film and the hit musical Hamilton for another interesting perspective.

The Cottage Industry Trying to Convince You Your Cell Phone Can Give You Cancer
Kristen V. Brown, Fusion

Patch'd is a $50 smartchip that promises to reduce your exposure to smartphone radiation. However, we're still not sure if our phones are really causing cancer in the first place. Better safe than sorry?

Pizza Chains Want a Larger Slice of the Delivery Pie
Virginia Chamlee, Eater

As food delivery apps and services grow, pizza chains continue to suffer. Eater takes a look at how major brands are looking to tech to help spark a rebound.

RIP to the SoundCloud DJ
Carter Maness, Pigeons and Planes

SoundCloud's new subscription service offers listeners an alternative to Spotify, Apple Music and others. For creators, the copyright terms that the paid service demands is causing all kinds of headaches, including dead accounts.

A DNA Sequencer in Every Pocket
Ed Yong, The Atlantic

What if scientists, or anyone for that matter, had the ability to analyze genes in a remote location like a jungle or on the open sea? One company is looking to do just that with a pocket-sized DNA sequencer.