Fan-made Captain America shield pulls off a few superhero tricks

All you need is an arm brace and some powerful electromagnets.

No armory of fan-made Avengers props is complete without Captain America's shield. While you can get one that looks the part over at MachinaProps, a shield that you can bounce off walls and Ultron robots is a little harder to come by. But! Even if your blood doesn't flow with the super soldier serum, the Hacksmith has attempted to make it happen with several powerful electromagnets and the aforementioned replica.

It's not exactly a simple task. As its creator James explains, a lot of work was needed to ensure the 30-pound shield (magnets and batteries too), could be held on his arm without, well, breaking something. A lot of padding was needed on the brace too. The electromagnets themselves were definitely potent enough to make it into superhero tech: the 12 V magnets could each lift 260 pounds -- but crank that up to 72 volts and the pair can attach to around 1,600 pounds -- at least until they quickly burn out. The keep it light, the replica shield is made of aluminum (not vibranium), meaning any magnetic influence requires additions.

The shield isn't quite finished, but it'll holster into a matching biker jacket that also has magnets built into it. James is already able to get a bit of bounce off some walls, and even reattach the shield to the brace. Not quite ready for Thanos, but it's a start.