The second 'Witcher 3' DLC adds 30 hours of gameplay

The massive 'Blood and Wine' expansion brings additional missions, weapons, enemies and Gwent.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt made its debut a year ago with a massive open world, a dizzying amount of quests to complete and plenty of reasons to keep coming back. After its first DLC Hearts of Stone served up a massive chunk of new content late 2015, the latest expansion Blood and Wine is about to drop, with a breadth of new Witcher goodness for hardcore fans to devour.

Blood and Wine places players in the absolutely gorgeous land of Toussaint, where a bizarre beast lays dormant. It's up to Geralt to take up arms against the creature who hides a secret, with over 90 new quests and 40 points of interest to discover as the narrative takes shape. A new dynamic system where eliminating enemies from their hideouts affects the rest of the world has been implemented as well. Topping it all off are an additional 14,000 lines of dialogue, nearly doubling the 8,000 featured in Hearts of Stone.

So there are plenty of enemies to decimate and land to do it within, but there are also 30 new weapons, 100 new pieces of armor and 20 new enemies to completely obliterate as well as 12 new mutations unlockable via New Game Plus. If you've already blown through everything The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt had to offer, there's over 30 hours of gameplay here launching for PS4, Xbox One and PC on May 31. That's also a ton more Gwent to play. You're welcome for that reminder.