Facebook's 360-degree photos are coming to your News Feed

It's not just about videos anymore.

Back in September, Facebook introduced support for 360-degree videos in your Newsfeed. Soon, that same treatment will apply to photos too. The social network announced today that starting in the next few weeks, you'll be able to snap a panoramic photo sphere on your phone and then upload it to Facebook. You can also use other 360-degree cameras to take those shots too, like the Gear 360 or the Ricoh Theta S. As for viewing said photo, you can either tilt your phone around to get the full view, or drag it around with your finger or mouse cursor.

But what if you want to view those 360-degree photos with your VR headset? No worries there either. Facebook will also add a new photos section to the Oculus app so you can go ahead and strap your Gear VR on to get the full immersion. "We've been beta-testing 360 photos internally for awhile now," says Eugene Wei, head of video for Oculus. "It's a lot of fun. You get to share where you are; the story of your life with other people." Assuming, that is, you want to share.