Google slips ads into its image search results

It's more convenient... and could stop you from shopping at Amazon.

Google is going to extra lengths to make sure that you see its shopping links. The internet firm is introducing Shopping ads to image search results -- look for pictures of a nice couch and you may see a link to buy it. Google says this is largely about enabling more on-the-spot purchases, but there's no denying that this is partly about snubbing Amazon. After all, your first instinct may be to search Amazon when you spot that must-have item; you won't have to do that after today.

That's not the only update, though. Google is also making a bigger deal of local inventory ads. You'll now find out whether or not a retailer has in-store pickup, and a store's knowledge panel will also make inventory searchable. In other words, you won't have to dig through a shop's website (or make a phone call) to find out whether or not it's worth a trip.