Uber Trip Tracker lets you follow family members in real-time

So you can make sure everyone gets home safe.

Uber announced a helpful new update to its "Family Profiles" feature today. The new Trip Tracker automatically gives you a heads up when someone in your Family Profile hops in an Uber and allows you to follow along and make sure they arrive safely at their destination.

While users can technically add anyone to their Uber Family (and foot the bill for their Uber rides), the new feature is intended for situations like sending your kid to school or making sure your aging granny gets a ride back from the grocery store. Or, you could simply get a heads up when your significant other is on their way home from the office. Whoever is in charge of the family profile will get a notification and a real-time map with the passenger's route. Think of it as a live version of a ride receipt.

Family Profiles are now available in every city where Uber operates and according to TechCrunch they are used most frequently in the U.S., Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia and Colombia. The Family feature is reportedly popular in Latin America where most households only have one credit card, but at least in the U.S., Los Angeles boasts the Family Profile with the most members in it.