Windows 10's next update will double the number of Start menu ads

It's the feature update no user asked for.


Microsoft is going to double the number of promoted apps in folds into the Start menu when it launches its Anniversary Update for Windows 10. Revealed at the WinHEC conference last week, the typical stable of five apps will be upped to ten: these will be links to drive app buyers to the Windows Store, with each country typically offering different items for different tastes and regions.

While some promoted apps are pre-installed, they can be cleared away -- although the latest version of Windows does ensure they appear in your apps list, lock screen, as well as your Start menu.

If it's any consolation, the Anniversary Update will more than likely include some desirable improvements (like collaborative tool Windows Ink) alongside reiterating that there's plenty of apps to buy. Lest we forget, free upgrades to Windows 10 will stop in a few months' time. You'll then have to cough up $119 to stay up to date.