Bezos confirms more brick-and-mortar Amazon stores

He also promises more benefits for Prime members.


Amazon is building more brick-and-mortar stores and beefing up Prime membership perks, company CEO Jeff Bezos has confirmed at the company's annual meeting for shareholders. At the moment, the mostly online-based retailer has a single bookstore in Seattle, but it's already building a new outlet near San Diego. "We're definitely going to open additional stores," he said, "how many we don't know yet." It's unclear if the new location is going to be another bookstore or if it will be selling other items, as well. If you'll recall, reports came out earlier this year that the company could open other types of retail outlets.

As for Amazon's $99-per-year Prime membership, Bezos said he wants to bundle so many benefits with the subscription that people would feel irresponsible if they don't sign up. He didn't elaborate on what those benefits are, but The Wall Street Journal recently reported that the company will start selling private-label household items exclusively to Prime members. We're not sure that's nearly enough to make a lot of people "feel irresponsible" for not paying $99 a year, so we're expecting a slew of other perks in the future.