Katamari Damacy's creator debuts Project Tango-powered AR game

Hello Woorld!

The maniacal minds behind the cult console hit, Katamari Damacy, have unveiled their latest wacky work, an experimental open-world game powered by Google's Tango AR system called Woorld.

As with other AR setups, Woorld combines action on the physical plane with virtual characters. Specifically, players will be able to "explore, discover, and create using digital objects and creatures" that interact with the actual objects around them. What's more, players will be able to team up with each other to build bigger and better objects, then share them with anyone looking through a Woorld-enabled mobile device.

Details are still pretty thin as to what the gameplay actually entails, but it looks adorable and and seemingly offers the same level of intuitive gameplay that made Katamari so easy to get hooked on. Given how fun KD was -- and that just involved rolling an ever-growing pile of stuff -- Woorld could well be another winner.