Purism expands its line of privacy-focused devices to include a 2-in-1

It's like a Surface for anyone worried about security.

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Purism expands its line of privacy-focused devices to include a 2-in-1

If you're looking for a high-end tablet that also doubles as a laptop, your most obvious choices are the Microsoft Surface Pro and Apple iPad Pro. Purism -- a company already known for its security-focused laptops -- thinks there needs to be a third option. One that's packed with open-source software and won't share your private data with giant tech companies. With that in mind, it announced a line of tablets, with 10- and 11-inch screen sizes. Though the form factor is different than what the company is already known for, though, the ethos remains the same.

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Like their laptop predecessors, the Librem tablets run free and open source software and are targeted at users who want more privacy than you'd otherwise get from major manufacturers. Both devices run PureOS 3.0 Linux and come pre-loaded with privacy-protecting services like Tor, HTTPS Everywhere and ad blocker Privacy Badger. The company is also working towards getting both devices QubesOS (the OS of choice of Edward Snowden) certified.

On the hardware front, the Librem 10 uses a quad-core 1.8GHz Intel Atom processor, while the more powerful 11-inch version runs on a 2GHz dual-core Core M chip. Both ship with a keyboard dock and can be attached to external monitors. To further the company's dedication to security and privacy, both devices have hardware shutdown switches for the camera, Bluetooth, WiFi and microphone.

Plus, the tablet's storage and RAM can be upgraded. Just remove six screws and you have access to the internals.

Purism CEO Todd Weaver told Engadget that the company wants to sell its privacy and security focused computers to everyone, not just the slightly paranoid. "Our end goal is targeting the every day computer user and providing them with an alternative," he said.

But, the company's long-term goal is to build a smartphone with all the security and privacy elements found in its other products. Weaver said the tablet is part of an evolution to getting a phone out there. The biggest obstacle to that happening right now is the cellular system not being secure enough for Purism.

In the meantime, the Librem 10 will set you back $599 while the 11-inch Librem is currently available for pre-order for $999. After the crowdfunding campaign ends, that price will go up to $1,299. Purism says both tablets will ship in September.

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