Destiny's next expansion will be called 'Rise of Iron'

Better read up on the the Iron Lords and the Iron Wolves.
Matt Brian
M. Brian|05.20.16

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Matt Brian
May 20th, 2016
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Destiny's next expansion will be called 'Rise of Iron'

Ignoring a welcome update last month, things have been pretty quiet on the Destiny front. That's because Bungie has turned its attention to developing a sequel, which is slated to release next year. However, with E3 fast approaching, news of promised new, smaller expansion has started to slip out. According to a leaked poster shared on Reddit, the name of the next Destiny DLC will be called Rise of Iron and it's likely to land in September.

The upcoming expansion will likely focus on the Iron Lords and the Iron Wolves. The Lords and the Wolves represented two groups of nine Guardians. The Iron Lords helped build the wall around the Last City and were joined by the Iron Wolves in the defense of the Last City against the Fallen at the battle of Six Fronts.

If you've played Iron Banner (a player-vs-player event), you notice that the tournament bears the Iron Lords sigil and that Iron Guardians lent their names to weapons available in the game (Felwinter's Lie, Radegast's Fury and Jolder's Hammer to name a few). Oh, and that's Iron Banner captain Lord Saladin brandishing the flaming axe in front of a partially destroyed wall in the poster.

Kotaku reports that the Rise of Iron expansion will feature a new raid, which was originally scheduled to drop earlier this year, and will be larger than the two DLCs that landed in the game's first year. That also means there will be new missions and higher light levels, keeping you sweet until Destiny 2.0 arrives in 2017.

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