Amazon no longer offers refunds for after-the-sale price drops

You'll have to be happy with the price you paid.

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AP Photo/Paul Sakuma
AP Photo/Paul Sakuma

Say goodbye to the days when Amazon would cut you a break if the price of a product dropped right after you ordered it. Customers are reporting that Amazon has stopped offering partial refunds on orders if a price drop happens within 7 days -- if you pull the trigger shortly before a sale, you'll just have to live with your choice. Amazon tells Recode that it didn't officially have a policy like this outside of televisions, but it's now clear that the company no longer hands out exceptions like they were candy.

It's possible that Amazon is reacting to services that automatically ask for refunds when they detect price drops, and not just because of the money it stands to lose from thrifty shoppers. Amazon warns that those sites are asking for your login details. While many of those outsiders are likely to be above-board, there's no guarantee that a site won't abuse your info or fall victim to a data breach.

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