Cinematic VR maker Jaunt needs a new CEO

Its current leader is stepping down.

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Christopher Gregory/ for The Washington Post via Getty Images
Christopher Gregory/ for The Washington Post via Getty Images

Let's say you run a well-funded startup in the super-hot virtual reality sector. What would you do -- bask in your success? Don't tell that to Jaunt CEO Jens Christensen. After just three years at the cinematic VR company he helped create, Christensen is stepping down to "move on to [his] next adventure." The company didn't explain the move in a statement to Fast Company, but Christensen is known as a "serial entrepreneur" that doesn't sit still for long. Most likely, he's off to make the next big thing.

Co-founder Arthur van Hoff will take the CEO spot while Jaunt finds a more permanent replacement.

This doesn't mean that Jaunt is in trouble... far from it, actually. The company recently got $65 million from Disney, and it wants a new CEO who'll "continue scaling" as the firm takes VR into the mainstream. Simply put, it might need fresh leadership to bring VR videos to the wider public. You might be that much more likely to don a headset the next time you visit the store or theater.

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