The President of Taiwan tries a quick chat with ASUS' home robot

They say never work with children, animals or WiFi-dependent robots.

I've said before that Computex is ASUS' show -- and what better demonstration than having the recently-elected President of Taiwan "talk" to your newly announced home robot? Crowd noise necessitated several repeated commands to ASUS' Zenbo play some music, but if it was apparently a live demonstration (ASUS' PR affirmed to our Engadget Chinese colleagues that it was), then it's pretty impressive. I mean, with my connectivity, I can barely even upload to Instagram in the thick of the show.

Unfortunately, the Zenbo's SOS "lifesaving" feature failed in the midst of the trade show chaos and despite President Tsai Ing-wen's presence. Check out the successful part of the interaction between world leader and... $600 house robot, in the video below.

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