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Double Robotics turns its telepresence robot into a VR rig

Capture 360-degree video on the move without any humans on the scene.

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Double Robotics turns its telepresence robot into a VR rig

There's one big problem with trying to capture virtual reality video while moving... those pesky humans. Even if you have stabilizing gear, the person carrying the camera will still limit what and how you shoot. Double Robotics has a simple answer to that, though: its newly-launched 360 Camera Dolly robot transforms the company's telepresence bot into a remotely controlled, silent VR camera rig. If you want to record a cinematic tracking shot or college campus tour, you don't need any people or noisy equipment on the scene.

The dolly has an attachable mount that accepts virtually any VR camera array weighing less than 5 pounds, including those built for action cameras and smartphones. It's not a trivial purchase at $3,000 for a full kit (the same as the regular telepresence robot), but that's still reasonable for pro VR productions. And if you only need the mount, you can buy it by itself for $249.

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