Facebook to introduce AI that understands everything you post

The upcoming DeepText AI system can analyze messages across 20 languages with near-human accuracy.

Facebook's latest artificial intelligence system is known as "DeepText," and it has some pretty serious implications as far as privacy goes. The social network is interested in implementing the system that can help analyze thousands of posts per second across 20 different languages, all with near-human accuracy.

What does that mean for you as a Facebook user? Soon, the company will be able to identify what you're saying in posts, messages and other content available via your profile and other pages to better offer suggestions and other helpful options. For example, if you happen to post a status about needing a ride or converse with a friend about when you might need to be picked up, Facebook might suggest you hit up Uber or Lyft services via Messenger transportation integration. The key is distinguishing between slang, jargon and other intricacies of human language that can sometimes make this sort of thing difficult for artificial intelligence to understand.

Facebook is interested in bringing this kind of technology forward as a way to help format sales posts when it can tell you're creating one, or even help pinpoint and filter out malicious, hateful or otherwise hurtful speech on the social network. According to Facebook, its AI systems already report more photos that could be found offensive than humans, so it's going one step further to make the network a safer place. It's understandable how the DeepText system could be a boon for users, but it also of course opens the floor to several questions about privacy that will have to be investigated as DeepText debuts and proves its worth as a recommendation engine.